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Join FReeZA 2022

13 October 2021

We are currently recruiting for our 2022 FReeZA Committee and we’re asking for your help in spreading the word by sharing this with any young person who may be interested!
The goal of FReeZA is to enable young peoples’ participation in community life through leading the planning, development and delivery of music, cultural and recreational events. Through initiatives such as FReeZA, young people take a central role in staging events that not only strengthen their skills and talents, but also celebrate and recognise the important contribution they make to the local community.
The FReeZA program is based on a youth participation model where young people are front and centre. The FReeZA program also provides important performance opportunities for local musicians and young emerging artists.
If you or someone you know is interested in joining, please complete an Expression of Interest form and a youth worker will contact you to discuss further.
If you have any questions or to discuss further you can contact us via email or by calling the team on 1300 369 436.