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QIK : Queer In Kingston


Weekly - on enquiry


12-17 years


On enquiry


1.5 hours






Platform 81 (81 Albert Street, Mordialloc 3195)

The City of Kingston is committed to LGBTQIA+ inclusion and our Youth Services is currently undergoing the process of becoming Rainbow Tick Accredited. This involves critically reviewing our service delivery, planning and cultural safety for LGBTQIA+ young people while also taking into consideration how to achieve this for our staff also.

Queer in Kingston (QIK) is a safe, inclusive, confidential weekly support group for young people 12 to 17 years of age who may identify as LGBTQIA+, including diverse sex characteristics, sexualities, and gender identities or those who may be questioning these aspects of their identity. Our QIK program provides an opportunity for young people to hang out and get to know other LGBTQIA+ young people in the community.

Interested in being a part of the QIK program?

To join QIK, you must be:
– Between the ages of 12 and 17
– Connected to the City of Kingston (live, work, study); and
– Complete a Participation Form

Our Youth Services team have completed LGBTQIA+ Inclusion education as part of their roles.

To speak with our Youth Team:
Call 1300 369 436 or send us an email at youth.services@kingston.vic.gov.au 

Additional Support Services:

Black Rainbow is an advocacy platform and touchpoint for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQA+SB people. Not a referral line, but an information, resource, and advocacy hub.
Contact Form: https://blackrainbow.org.au/contact/
Website: https://blackrainbow.org.au/

IPSA (Intersex Peer Support Australia) is an intersex peer support, information and advocacy group for people born with variations in sex characteristics and their families.
Phone: 0498 393 038
Email: info@isupport.org.au
Website: https://isupport.org.au/about-us/

Koorie Pride Victoria is a network that connects and advocates for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander identifying LGBTIQA+SB people.
Contact Form: https://www.kooriepridevic.org.au/contact
Website: https://www.kooriepridevic.org.au/

Monash Gender Clinic provides assessment and support services for trans, gender diverse and non-binary people aged 17 and over, usually those who are seeking to make a medical or social transition.
Phone: (03) 9556 5216
Email: genderclinic@monashhealth.org
Website: https://monashhealth.org/services/gender-clinic/

QLife provides Australia-wide peer support and referral service via telephone or webchat. QLife does not provide crisis mental health services.
Phone: 1800 184 527 (3pm – midnight AEST)

Switchboard provides peer driven support services for LGBTIQA+ people, their families, allies, and communities in Victoria. Switchboard is the Victorian partner for QLife.
Website: https://www.switchboard.org.au/

Rainbow Door is a free state-wide service through Switchboard that provides information, support, referral and short-term case management to the LGBTIQA+ community in Victoria.
Phone: 1800 729 367
Text: 0480 017 246
Email: support@rainbowdoor.org.au
Website: https://www.rainbowdoor.org.au/

Charlee is a suicide prevention hub made by LGBTIQA+ people who have thought about suicide, lived through suicide attempts, supported others in distress and live with the pain of loss through suicide. A program by Switchboard. Not a referral line, but an information hub.
Seeking help for myself:
Seeking help for someone else:
Seeking help for bereavement:

Thorne Harbour Health (Formerly Victorian AIDS Council) deliver community-led and culturally appropriate services that improve the health and wellbeing of LGBTI people living throughout Victoria. Not a referral line, but a health information hub.
Website: https://thorneharbour.org/

Equinox is a peer led trans and gender diverse and non-binary health service operated by Thorne Harbour Health.
Phone: (03) 9416 2889 – to book an appointment (9am – 5pm)
Email: equinoxadmin@thorneharbour.org
Website: https://equinox.org.au/

Transcend Australia works to uphold the rights of trans, gender diverse and non-binary young Australians and provides services to their families.
Are you a family, parent or carer seeking information or support?https://transcend.org.au/get-support/
Website: https://transcend.org.au/

Transgender Victoria (TGV) is Victoria’s leading body for trans and gender diverse advocacy. Not a referral line, but an information, resource, and advocacy hub.
Website: https://tgv.org.au/

Yarns Heal is a nationwide suicide prevention service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who identify as LGBTIQA+SB, can also provide referrals. (Queensland based, providing national advocacy)
Email: info@yarnsheal.com.au
Contact Form: https://www.yarnsheal.com.au/contact
Website: https://www.yarnsheal.com.au/


Queer in Kingston (QIK) is supported by the Victorian Government Engage! program. The Victorian Government is committed to supporting young people to realise their full potential by providing access to programs that focus on improving skills, career pathways and community engagement. Through the initiatives created by the Engage! program, young people are provided the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities and projects that meet their individual goals and aspirations.