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Youth Support and Counselling

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Kingston Youth Services offers individual online or phone support services for young people aged 12-25 who have a connection to the City of Kingston. This support includes both Youth Work and Counselling.

Youth Work

  • We work with young people aged 12-25 who live, work or study in the City of Kingston
  • We are committed to providing a service that:
    • Provides ongoing support where needed
    • Create meaningful opportunities for participation
    • Foster independence and prepare young people for their future
    • Acknowledge that young people come with their own aspirations
  • We work in partnership, where relevant with families, communities, schools and other agencies to ensure the best and most effective support is provided
  • We connect young people to others around them and the community in which they identify with
  • We are committed to protect and facilitate the rights of young people

  Who we work with: Complexity, severity, criteria.

  • Tier 1 – as per Safe Minds System of Carer Map (Victoria). First place young people turn to for help – provide first line response
  • Severity: intermittent pattern of distress in specific settings
  • Complexity: intermittent emotional distress in response to one or more life events or settings (e.g. family breakdown, issues with work/education, bullying, relationship issues, experimenting with risk taking behaviours, developing coping strategies)
  • Impact: some impact to functioning but managing well
  • Risk of harm: fleeting thoughts of self-harm or aggression. Experimentation with illicit drugs or alcohol
  • Risk factors: none to a few significant risk factors that sometimes negatively influence functioning / cause emotional distress

We are not or do not take on clients who:

  • Require specific expertise and skills in young people’s mental health
  • Requires specialist mental health services
  • Have complex and severe mental health problems
  • Who are at high risk of harm and/or have complex behaviour
  • Displays risk of harm to self or others, thoughts or recurrent thoughts of self-harm or suicide, aggressive behaviour towards others, regular to excessive drug/alcohol use, needs considerable supervision.


Psychological counselling styles are varied and depend on the therapist’s approach and skills as well as on the needs of the client. Our Youth Counsellors provide psychological counselling aimed at reducing emotional distress and strategies to cope with life’s problems. Counsellors will spend time in the first few sessions getting to know the client and the difficulties they are facing. The Counsellor with the young person will come up with therapeutic goals and the approach that is best suited to their needs and preferences.

You may wish to refer a young person to our counselling service when they are having difficulties functioning. This can include physical, mental, social, relational or emotionally. Other reasons you may wish to refer to us is if a young person have signs of possible mental illness.

To refer to the Youth Services team please complete a Kingston Youth Services Referral Form

For any young person under the age of 16 the following forms need to be completed by a parent/guardian before accessing support or counselling:

Kingston Youth Services Parent Permission Form

Kingston Youth Services Parent Consent Form

Should you have any questions please contact our Youth Services Team on 1300 369 436 or via email.