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Universal Edition 33: Resilience

14 March 2018


Self-belief. Taking care of one’s body and mind. Bouncing back from adversity. Getting a second chance. Rising to the challenge. This is Kingston Youth Services’ magazine Universal. Edition 33. Developed and crafted by young people. For young people.

Available online for your enjoyment at the link here.

Once you have read our magazine, please let us know what you thought of it. We appreciate all the feedback we can get, and are always seeking to learn, grow and improve as aspiring artists, photographers, writers, editors and investigative journalists. Please give us feedback here for your chance to win a Village Cinemas voucher. Thank you!

If you’re keen on joining the Universal team, give Paul a buzz on 1300 369 436 or send him an e-mail expressing your interest.

If you fall, don’t hesitate to ask for help to get back up. Use challenges in your life to help you achieve great things. Make history. Create a legacy. Dream big. And live even bigger. And if things aren’t going to plan, and you need someone to talk to, call us on 1300 369 436 or drop in to our centre at Southland between 1pm and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Peace out!