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School-based Programs



Kingston Youth Services offer a range of FREE personal development workshops and programs to all schools in Kingston  that are best suited for students aged between 12-18yrs.

Our programs are designed to complement the school curriculum whilst being responsive to community trends and students need which the curriculum may not cover.

Programs can be delivered in a variety of formats but all are designed around experiential learning and small group activities.

These programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your school or can be offered as pre-packaged programs. If you would like a program tailored to your school’s needs please contact Youth Services to discuss this further.

Programs on offer for 2021


Moving from primary to secondary schools can be tough and very challenging for many young people. The Grade Six Support Program has modules schools can select to focus on that will support, inform and resource young people with the skills and tools they need to navigate this transition. All modules include a variety of resilience building activities and focused informed discussions.

Modules include:

  • How do I make friends at a new school?
  • How to find courage in unexpected places
  • How to not hate your body
  • How to avoid drama cyclones at school
  • Why you need a gratitude attitude at school
  • How to overcome bullying
  • How to raise a resilient child (parent session)

Exclusive to Grade 6 students



Starting high school can often be a time of significant change with complex emotions. Youth Services would like to work with schools creating a safe and inclusive space specifically for Year 7 students to engage and explore creating healthy relationships with their peers. The Year 7 Engagement Program is a flexible suite of six modules that cover topics such as time management, self-care, seeking support plus many more.

Exclusive to Year 7 students.




A 10-15 minute run down on what’s on offer by Kingston Youth Services. This is followed by open question time, where questions may relate to Kingston Youth Services programs, relationships, mental health and general youth issues. Students will receive promotional material from  Kingston Youth Services.

Suited to all students.

Please note: this program can be adapted into an informal lunchtime session.


Staff and Volunteers from the Youth Services team will attend your school during lunchtime offering activities, prizes and raising awareness of what’s on offer by Kingston Youth Services. Activities can be tailored to your identified need or to assist in awareness raising days such as: Harmony day, Wear it Purple, World Kindness Day, R U OK? Day, Mental Health Week etc.


Please discuss your individual needs with us so we can tailor a specific program for VCE and VCAL students.

For more information or to discuss, contact Youth Services on 1300 369 436. Alternatively, you may want to send an email and one of our Youth Work Team will get in touch.