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School-based Programs


Kingston Youth Services offer a range of FREE personal development workshops and programs to all schools in Kingston  that are best suited for students aged between 12-18yrs.

Our programs are designed to complement the school curriculum whilst being responsive to community trends and students needs which the curriculum may not cover.

Programs can be delivered in a variety of formats but all are designed around experiential learning and small group activities.

These programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your school or can be offered as pre-packaged programs. If you would like a program tailored to your school’s needs please contact Youth Services to discuss this further.

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Any further questions please contact Janet at Youth Services.

Program Menu:

Rock & Water – Focus on Girls  

Description: Using the basic skills and concepts of the Rock & Water program, while paying special attention to the developmental challenges and qualities of teenage girls and women. Participants will learn to work with the different Rock & Water principles developing self-confidence and communication skills.

Target Group: This program can be tailored to any age group from Yr 7 to 12. A maximum group size of 15 students

Sessions: Four x 1.5hr

Resilience Domains addressed: Positive Identity, Boundaries, Expectations


Rock & Water- Self-confidence Program

Description: The Rock and Water program leads from games, simple self defence, boundary and communication exercises to a strong notion of self-confidence. The program offers a framework of exercises and ideas about how to assist boys and girls to become aware of purpose and motivation in their life.

Target Group: This program can be tailored to any age group from Yr 7 to 12 and for both or gender specific.  a maximum group size of 15 students

Sessions: Four x 1.5hr


SenseAbility – Self-worth  

Description: SenseAbility – Self-worth is a module from the strengths-based resilience program developed by Beyondblue. This module aims to convey the important role that a healthy Sense of Self-worth plays in mental and emotional wellbeing.

Target Group: This program can be tailored to any age group from Yr 7 to 12 and for mixed or gender specific. a maximum group size of 15 students

Sessions: 3,5 or fully flexible session. Please speak with the School Based Coordinator for further information.

Resilience Domains addressed: Positive Identity, Healthy Mind


Free 2 BE – Body Esteem Program

Description: Free to BE is a positive body image program which has been developed by The Butterfly Foundation as part of the Australian Government’s body image strategy.

Free to BE is a flexible program covering four key areas: resilience, media, peers and healthy bodies.

Target group: This program can be tailored to any age group from Year 7 to 12 and can be run as co-ed or for specific genders. A maximum group size of 15 students.

Sessions: Four x 1.5hr


Food & Mood Program

Description: This program raises awareness around the impact of food on mental health and general wellbeing. It also provides young people with information around the benefits of healthy eating, enabling them to assess their eating habits and make healthy choices.

Target Group: This program is designed for Year 9-10 students with a maximum group size of 12 students.

Sessions: One – Three


Diversity Alphabet, What’s it all mean? Workshop

Description: Designed as an introduction to the diversity of Same Sex Attraction and Gender Diversity. Providing information on the differing sexualities and gender whilst educating on the laws of discrimination and how to be a supportive friend.

Workshop utilises resources from the ‘Some of Us’ program written by Safe Schools.

Target Group: Age appropriate programs upon request. Generally delivered to one class size. Can also be delivered to staff as professional development workshop/program.


Stress Management Workshop

Description:  One off workshop which aims to enhance young people’s ability to identify and holistically manage stressors in their lives.

Target Group: Generally delivered to one class of Senior School students

Sessions: One lecture, with a follow up workshop


Kingston Youth Services -Information session

Description: A 10-15 minute run down on the services & programs offered by Kingston Youth Services. This is followed by open question time, where questions may relate to Kingston Youth Services programs, relationships, mental health, alcohol and other drugs, health and general youth issues. Students will receive promotional material from  Kingston Youth Services.

Target Group: Any secondary School year level and class size.

 NB: this program can be adapted into an informal lunchtime session with fruit provided.


Lunchtime  Engagement Activities

Staff and Volunteers from KYFS will attend your school for the duration of lunchtime offering activities, prizes and raising awareness of the Services KYFS offer.

Activities can be tailored to your identified need or to assist in awareness raising days such as. Harmony day, Wear it Purple, World Kindness Day, R U OK? Day, Mental Health Week etc.