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Rise of the Sinking Sailor

2 March 2021


Rise of the Sinking Sailor – Jack Crowe

Pessimistic thoughts can surrender,

The blissful sun illuminating a hidden

personality beneath.

Existing darkness could dim to give into

solar rays,

Providing people with their lighter days.

The gold of the star melts to offer peace,

To ourselves, our minds, our thoughts and

emotions stored within.

Inner bodies of war can find their mercy,

To the blessing of a smile, directed

towards you.

A reflection once insecure and unfound,

Lifts its head to see the clouds.

Both feet lifting, the sky moving closer,

Turning back is discouraged, moving

ahead is a gift.

It was the words and essence of a God,

Telling us to stop our hurting and remove

our bandaids.

Exposure to the light was all we ever


And these people introduced us to it.

My superhero is not defined by their

powers, their build, their medals,

But more by their heart and kindness.

It’s simply their smile, their warmth, their


And the hope that they provide.

My unknown superhero distinguished the

flooding fires,

To let my dreams run wild.

Optimistic ideas and pursuits of the

impossible filled my imagination,

But thanks to you, they now are indeed


This hero rose the sails,

And ultimately lifted

The sinking sailor.