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The RESPECT Network aims to strategically build a network of organisations and schools across the region that will help improve the health, wellbeing and educational success of young people who are GLBTIQ+.

The network has grown to include Schools, three Local Governments and several Community Agencies in the Bayside, Kingston and Glen Eira region. This is an amazing collaboration, with wonderful outcomes.

RESPECT 2018 terms of reference:


To improve the health, wellbeing and educational success of young people who are Same Sex Attracted, and/or Gender Diverse, Intersex, or questioning (SSAGDIQ+), and, to support their significant others.


To support SSAGDIQ+ young people by:

  • Providing a safe and inclusive space
  • Enabling them to have a voice
  • Disseminating information about specific services and events
  • Discussing issues
  • Exploring options regarding service gap
  • To support schools, councils and services regarding SSAGDIQ+ young people
  • Empowering and supporting schools to join this network and Safe Schools  Victoria
  • Provide information regarding SSAGDIQ+ and services
  • Facilitate a quarterly meeting for students, school staff, councils and services involving
  • Provide a regular forum to address emerging contemporary issues regarding SSAGDIQ+ young people
  • Networking opportunities
  • Service introduction opportunities
  • Options to support young people and their significant others

In 2018 we would like everyone’s involvement in the growth of RESPECT and continue the valuable work we all do. Therefore, we would like to invite all schools and more community agencies in our area to our Network meetings.

Each meeting is at a different location per term, however meetings follow a similar structure.


If you are a school or a community organisation in one of the three local government areas and would like to know more about the RESPECT Network please feel free to contact Bec at Kingston Youth Services on 1300 369 436 or via email Rebecca.Jacgung@kingston.vic.gov.au

Bec can also provide information and support for young people.