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Mindfulness Mondays

16 April 2020

Mindfulness Mondays

Young people today live in a busy, complex and rapidly-changing world. The current COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the pressures they face and they are now also expected to adapt to numerous changes to their way of life very quickly and away from their normal support networks. The impacts of this can include a rise in stress levels, anxious thoughts and periods of feeling low to name just a few.

Mindfulness has emerged as a popular strategy to respond and help manage these feelings. Mindfulness refers to a state of awareness that involves tuning in to the present moment instead of tuning out and thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness when practiced regularly can create a sense of being grounded and an ability to think more clearly and face challenges with a stronger sense of control.

Kingston Youth Services is committed to supporting young people, this has not changed during COVID-19. We have adapted and updated a lot of our programs to ensure we are still engaging and supporting young people. Mindfulness Mondays has been created as a resource for young people to access to practice mindfulness during this time by following a short guided meditation that is sent at the start of every week and can help set up the week on a stronger foot.

For more information or to discuss, contact Youth Services on 1300 369 436. Alternatively, you may want to send through an email and one of our youth work team will get in touch.

To register yourself and to receive your weekly meditation, please complete an Expression of Interest form.