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#Adulting 101

4 October 2019


Kingston Youth Services run a variety of workshops to help young people transition into adulthood and provide practical support where needed.

What is Adulting 101?

Our #Adulting 101 workshops are designed to equip and prepare young people for the often challenging transition to ‘Adulthood’. The workshops are designed to be informative, engaging and will help prepare young people in the life skills needed to navigate everything from how to manage a budget to moving out of home.

Why attend the workshops?

#Adulting 101 provides opportunities for young people to gain knowledge, awareness and practical strategies to navigate everything from life after school to entering the workforce.

Topics include:

  • Pillow Talk – it’s not always about sex
  • Tap and Save – budgeting hacks
  • Now What?! – life after school
  • Flying the Coop – everything you need to know about moving out of home
  • Navigating Centrelink
  • The Working World
  • How to create the ultimate LinkedIn profile

Who can attend?

If you would like to attend our #Adulting 101 workshops you must be aged 16-25 and live, work or study in the City of Kingston. #Adulting 101 workshops are free of charge and are run throughout the year and focus on different topics.

Want to attend?

Please complete the Expression of Interest form.

For more information on the #Adulting 101 workshops at Kingston Youth Services, contact us on 1300 369 436 or at youth.services@kingston.vic.gov.au