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2019 Youth Awards

31 January 2019


Pictured: 2018 Kingston’s Young Citizen of the Year Laura Vandersluys.

Kingston Youth Services wants to recognise and award the outstanding achievements of young people. Do you know a young person or a young community group aged between 12-25 years who have made a significant contribution in the City of Kingston?

The aim of our local Youth Awards is to:

  • Showcase young people’s talents, contributions and achievements;
  • Celebrate young people’s diversity and the attributes that make young people unique; and
  • Promote young people as positive representations in our local community.

The annual Youth Awards will be recognised and celebrated at an Awards evening later in the year.


Young people can be nominated under the following categories:

  • Young Citizen of the Year
  • Young Community Group of the Year

Assessment Criteria

In choosing the recipients of the City of Kingston Young Citizen of the Year and Young Community Group of the Year, nominees are assessed with regard given to:

  • significance and impact of contributions made
  • demonstrated level of commitment to the betterment of the Kingston community
  • degree of difficulty of the achievement and sacrifices made
  • nature and length of activity or service
  • future goals and likely impact on the Kingston community
  • previous awards and recognition received
  • demonstrated excellence in their field
  • individuals: whether his or her contribution was in the course of employment, voluntary or both
  • personal attributes of the nominee such as being an inspirational/positive role model for their peers, showing vision, leadership, innovation and creativity
  • personal, academic and professional achievements
  • community groups must demonstrate that they meet a community need or priority.

Selection Process

Once nominations have closed, the selection panel will consider all eligible entries against the assessment criteria and select a winner in each category. The selection panel consists of the Mayor and fellow Councillors of the City of Kingston.

To nominate a young person or young community group please visit our open forms page and enter all the details here

Nominations will be closing Friday 31 May 2019.

If you have further questions about the 2019 Youth Awards please contact Kingston Youth Services on 1300 369 436 or via youth.services@kingston.vic.gov.au